Seasons rotate in our garden, too. Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

   Summer. High temperatures force almost anyone to seek a shade and some cooling. And what about plants?

   Plants in our garden have to survive in different weather conditions. Some of them like more sun, others are happy for refreshments supplied by the rain. A water level at two small ponds is decorated with water lilies which open their flowers in the early morning and then welcome the visitors all day long.


   Most visitors enter the garden by chance. Passers-by take a view over the hedge. Some of them find the entrance and enter the garden. Others are invited by a keeper of the HD Kranj's garden if he is there.

   Come and visit HD Kranj and its garden. Accidentally or with a purpose - you are definitely welcome. A garden with all its beauty can live alone, too.

   However, the beauty of the garden reaches its purpose when a visitor enters, takes a look for a moment and takes some time for a short walk and for an examination of that small piece of nature in the middle of Kranj.

   A fashion model Teddybear Medi chose our Club Garden for his fotosession. There are some successful shoots.